Karma Restaurant
Karma Restaurant

Rubien                                         £4.75

Tiger prawns coated in spice pan fried, served with a mango mayo sauce.


Onion Packora                            £4.25

Classic Onion Bhajis.


Salmon Tikka                              £4.75

Marinated in spices, cooked in the

tandoori oven served with a mango

mayo and salad.


Garlic Chicken                            £4.50

Coated in coriander and garlic and

topped in a rich creamy curry leaf

and garlic sauce.


Lamb Roti                                   £4.75

Shredded lamb, pan cooked with

spices and served in a roti.


Aloo Puri                                     £4.25

Spicy semi mashed potatoe cooked

with onions, tomatoes and spices

served in a puri.


Veg Puri                                      £4.25

Spicy mixed vegetables cooked with

onions, tomatoes and chat masala.




Prawn Chat                                    £4.75

Tiger prawns cooked in chat masala

served on a puri.


Shamee                                         £4.75

Spicy mince lambs patties, mixed with

spices, pan fried, served with salad.


Spiced Lamb                                 £4.75

Slow cooked coated in a rich spicy

sauce and a mint dressing.


Coriander Chicken                       £4.50

Chicken coated in pureed coriander, 

yoghurt and spices, served with salad.


Malai Tikka                                   £4.50

Chicken marinated in coconut, ginger

and a hint of mint, cooked in the clay

oven, served with mint yoghurt.


Paneer                                          £4.50

Pan fried Paneer on a bed of garlic

infused red spinach.




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